The product

We offer our QPAR station without sensor, which allows to connect most of the PAR sensors on the market. It integrates the same interface and the same functionalities as the product with sensor (see QPAR):



  • Analog measurement: 16 bit ADC (ADS1115) pre-programmed for a voltage range of +/-256mV, which allows to read most sensors on the market, with an accuracy <1µmol.m-2.s-1.
  • Sensor coefficient parameterizable in the interface without programming (maximum coefficient = 999.99)
  • Recording of measurements (8 slots + 1 reference) for comparisons over time
  • Photosynthesis model that transforms PAR into potential photosynthesis
  • Automatic shutdown after 10min of inactivity
  • Low battery indicator
  • ARDUINO compatible for customer reprogramming (ATMEGA328P 16Mhz, non-soldered and interchangeable)
  • Pre-drilled case for cable passage (6mm diameter)
  • Dimensions: 120x65x22mm
  • Supplied with a terminal block to solder the sensor (3.5mm pitch) on pins A0 (+) and A1 (-) of the PCB (see photo)
  • Power supply: 9V battery not supplied


QPAR - PAR measuring station without sensor