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Our team is at your disposal for to develop and deploy solutions for the monitoring of growing areas, in scientific or production contexts.

Our creed is to adapt open technologies to shape them according to your objectives. We offer customized solutions for : 

- Electronic and mechanical design

- Software development

- the design of a complete solution (HARDWARE et SOFTWARE​)

Atelier de poterie
your tools.

Take control and avoid the limitations of exclusive, static and cloudy technologies. 

Create the tool that meets your needs, with the design you want, from the waterproof stand-alone box to the system controlled via web interface. Integrate your most complex decision rules (multifactorial) to create intelligent growing systems.

We can integrate artificial intelligence or plant/crop simulation, to create custom solutions that integrate the most advanced technologies.


Finally, you can combine phenotyping and cultivation, by integrating measurement solutions (scales, cameras, sensors, etc.) into your system to transform your infrastructures into a phenotyping platform.

As reliable as oak,

as flexible as reed.


The flexibility of open solutions allows upgrading, modifying or adding functionnalities to an existing system. Working with an open source solution means moving forward on a defined path. It becomes possible to focus on the ends rather than the means. Depending on the needs of a customer, it is also possible to add elements to an existing proprietary technology to go beyond its limitations.

Reinventing limits.
icon cultivate v2.png

How does our service work ?

Our team is involved at all the key stages to achieve your objectives. For this type of service we distinguish two stages: strategic study and implementation.

Depending on your needs, we can carry out only one of the stages, part of a stage or the entire development process. 

Strategic study:


First contact and definition of the problem: we discuss together so that we can understand your objectives and make hypotheses for implementation.

Preliminary internal study: we identify technological locks and handle existing customer technologies, if necessary.

Prototype of minimum viability: Allows you to test the feasibility in case your project is of research or innovation. Together with you, we assess how the solution will work and define the final ergonomics you want, on a concrete experimental basis.



Once the implementation strategy is defined, we carry out, in collaboration with you and in relation to your needs :

The formulation of your project according to your specifications, resulting in a deliverable (diagrams, plans, 3D models, etc.).

The design, manufacturing and assembly of the HARDWARE, i.e. the electronics, as well as all structural and interface elements.

SOFTWARE development, i.e. the design and programming of the functionalities of your system, from the most basic (setting the time) to the most complex (calculation of a stress indicator according to the environment).

Internal tests to check the entire system structure, but also to define the calibration parameters and write the technical documentation.

During the entire process and depending on the development needs, we carry out on-site tests for customer validation.

Prestation cultiver
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