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- Development and design of phenotyping tools (field / greenhouse / lab)

- Development and design of image acquisition systems

- Development and design of image analysis systems

- Installation of our environmental characterization systems (field / greenhouse / lab)

Objectif de la caméra vidéo
 AI & Imaging.

Phenotyping and image analysis are now closely connected. Camera-based systems produce large amount of images, the potential of which is not necessarily exploited due to a lack of efficient analysis systems.


We offer the latest image analysis and Machine/Deep Learning techniques. We help you measure phenotypic variables of interest, and setting up a scalable analysis pipeline. 

If you don't have the skills in-house, we offer training so you can go further and faster. 

Send us a sample image and we will tell you what you can get out of it ! 

Les jeunes plants

The use of Open-Source technologies, allows us to provide specific solutions to each problem at a lower cost, while having a performance and technical support that competes with patented technologies. 


By integrating these technologies, we provide you with scalable and flexible tools that are easily adaptable, either by you or by us.


Everything is in your hands and evolves with your research hypothesis and topics.

Open and free.
Notre approche phénotypage

What is our approach ?

Phenotyping (measuring the phenotypic characteristics of plants) is a fundamental research activity. Often done manually, this approach is essential for the study of plants, as well as for the evaluation of cultural practices and the varieties of tomorrow. Despite the constant evolution of phenotyping technologies, their high cost prevents them from being widely available, leading to a mismatch between the price of the offer and the customer's means.

Aware of these limitations, we offer you a unique approach

Born from research and from the maker community, our team of biologists and engineers uses open technologies, hardware and software, to develop with you and for you, the tool that will allow you to move forward without breaking the bank. For us, open-source is the key to go faster and further, together.

We keep costs down and give you the benefit of adaptive and scalable technology. 


Built on sharing and mutual aid, these technologies are often depreciated and restricted to insiders. However, apart from their generic nature, their diversity and their attractive cost, they extend the tree of possibilities. We strive to supervise, train you and pass on our knowledge so that everything is in your hands to go further. This way, you benefit from a personnalized and customized tool that evolves with you and your objectives.

Curious? We organize webinars to present our approach and exchange with you.

Prestation phénotypage

How does our service work ?

Whether it is for acquiring or analysing data, our team is involved at all key stages to achieve your objectives:

Is this possible? We study the existing situation and set up a POC (proof-of-concept) to study and evaluate the feasibility of a project. We identify the technologies and adaptations which are needed to develop a reliable and relevant solution.

Which development strategy? We formulate different possible scenarios, which may result in different technologies or designs. This allows you to anticipate the possible advantages and disadvantages of each scenario, and to choose the most suitable for your specific application, on an objective basis.

How do you know if efficiency will be there? Concerned and aware of our customers issues, we apply a development methodology based on a series of key steps: "Go / No Go". Thus, the objectives are clearly defined at each stage. If they are not reached, the following steps will not be triggered and we work together to re-evaluate your project and keep moving forward.

What are the stages of development ? 

- Bibliographic research and definition of one or more possible solutions

- Choice of a solution and formalisation of development scenarios

- Implementation of a scenario for the production of a prototype

- Manufacturing, testing and validation of the prototype

- Design and manufacture of the validated solution.

Your challenge is unique, contact us so that we can answer your questions and propose a custom solution !

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