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We offer the design of "simple" electronic circuit (1 or 2 layers), in order to give you the opportunity to create your own PCB (printed circuit board).

- Manufacture of small PCBs or breakouts (max. 2 layers)

- Design and manufacture of specialised Shields/HATs for Arduino or Raspberry Pi

- Design and manufacture of customised Arduino-compatible boards

Whether you are a researcher, PhD student, technician or producer, this offer is for you!

Les jeunes plants


Unlike an electronic engineering company, Phymea specialises in the adaptation of open-source technologies. We offer a service designed for makers.

Our goal is to enable you to transform generic solutions, such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pi or electronic modules (Breakout), into functional and customised solutions.

This translates into the creation of Breakouts/Shields/Hats (solderless plug-in cards) or customised Arduino compatible cards.

A la carte.

A service that adapts to your needs.

You have a functional prototype and you want to finalise or duplicate your project? We start from your layout and manufacture the printed circuit board according to your specifications.

You simply have an idea or an objective? We will help you design the right circuit. In this context and depending on the objective, it is sometimes necessary to carry out a prototyping phase.

Prestaton éléctronique

How does our service work ?

The design of a circuit can be summed up as follows:

Define the specifications: we support you and consult you to identify the functionalities to be implemented in order to achieve your objectives. 

Choice of electronic components: we identify the available technologies, with a focus on robustness, reliability and the quality of the technical documentation.

Prototyping (sometimes optional): in the case of complex circuits we create prototypes to validate the electronic circuit layout before manufacturing the final circuit.

Electronic routing: we work with Autodesk's EAGLE software, which is a reference for open source electronics. This allows us to minimise our development times and our prices, by relying on electronic layouts made available by manufacturers such as Adafruit or Sparkfun, whose format is compatible.

Circuit (PCB) manufacturing: we manage the manufacturing of printed circuits and the supply of components. We work with companies such as PCBWay and Farnell.

Soldering of components: depending on the projects, components and quantities, we carry out the soldering ourselves, or we have it done by a specialized company.

Depending on your needs, we identify with you the tasks that require our intervention. For example: you have a fully functional prototype and you simply want to finalise your project by manufacturing a definitive circuit. You can then call us to carry out the final stages of routing, manufacturing and soldering.

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