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What is it ?

The PAR sensor included in our QPAR product is also sold independently. It can be used to replace the sensor of your PAR measuring station (see QPAR) and can also be integrated into all your automation projects requiring precise measurement of light intensity INDOOR (greenhouse and growing room).

How does it work?

Our sensor integrates a photovoltaic cell generating between 0 and ~55mV, for a PAR range between 0 and 2500µmol.m-2.s-1. It requires an accurate ADC (Analog Digital Converter), and a differential measurement of the voltage across the sensor (eg. ADS1115 from Texas Instruments).


PAR calculation

PAR (PPFD: µmol.m-2.s-1) = measurement (mV) * sensor coefficient (see calibration certificate)



Each sensor is individually calibrated and supplied with its calibration certificate.

  • Spectral response: 400 to 700nm
  • Typical error <2% (maximum 5%)
  • Diffuser: PMMA
  • Case: 3D printing and organic plastic (PLA)
  • Shielded cable with anti-tangle TPU sheath (~ 1.2m): White (+), Black (-)
  • Dimensions: 80x30x15mm (L x W x H)


Information to replace the sensor of a QPAR station:

To replace the sensor of your QPAR station, resolder the new sensor in place of the old one (white cable on pin A0 and black cable on pin A1). Then, modify the coefficient of the sensor in the interface of your QPAR (see manual), with the coefficient registered on your calibration certificate.


You can contact us for any additional information on this product, we will answer as quickest as possible!


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  • Practical information:

    Designed and manufactured in France in Montpellier

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